• Ashlee N Albart, LPC-S

Busy being busy

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

There is little more relevant to our generation than the idea of being busy. We fill our days with activities, some essential to our livelihood like work, caring for children, eating, and others not quite so essential. It is in both of these categories that mindfulness can and will make a significant difference. According to the American Psychological Association (2012), there is a breadth of research to suggest that mindfulness can help reduce stress and rumination, improve memory and focus, help maintain emotion regulation, and encourage cognitive flexibility, among many other benefits. Dr. Wegala writes a great piece on Psychology Today that gives insight into ways to be mindful. She discusses in this article that it is important to set up the environment in a comfortable and peaceful way, bring your attention to your breath as equally as it is on your body, and finally bringing to mind your thoughts without trying to change them. As Dr. Wegala emphasizes, mindfulness is not about stopping the thinking, but rather being aware of thoughts and body.

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